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Oh, So White People Can't Say the N Word Now?!
The Great Gatsby Sucked But the Movie Looks Dope
Tell Me More About This Language You Call "Mexican"
Wait, NASA Is Tapping My Phone?!
I Look JUST Like A Celebrity, Right?!
Twidiots: Let's Just Print More Money
Um... Since When Is Egypt in Africa?
The Boston Bombers Were from Where?!
These People Don't Know "WTF" Anything Is
Twidiots: Lance Armstrong Smokes Dope
I Haven't Read a Book Since...
Twidiots: Who's Excited for Titanic II?!
Tactless Morons Still Criticizing Ebert's Video Game Comments
Twidiots: Alex Jones Won the Debate
These People Don't Know What is an Island and What Isn't

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