"my girlfreind broke 2 hitter pieces and after scraping them for res i still had them so made them into a hookah and the hose is the extra from when i had to sneak piss into my parole officer." Does your girlfriend know you pee'd in her hookah?
Found him!
It's a bro! It's a shirtless dude! No it's...
You have to be a putz to shop at...
Hey! They stole the name of my underground punk band!
For those who were wondering - "There is no fuckin ping-pong balls in BeerBattleship! You play exactly like Battleship except instead of putting a small red marker in a little plastic ship you drink a fuckin beer! I dont know how people are miss interpret
Girls making out is the new black.
0 for 2.
And some people question keg stands!
"We are no longer allowed back at the Mariott hotel."
As seen on Ronald's wall...
"On the fourth of July, me and some buddies went fishing. As one of them began to cast, our buddy Matt walked behind him and got snagged in the nose. The fisherman flew forward and the line broke."

Nothing found...

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