A crappy shaming.
Diamonds, the most expensive blowjob you can buy.
Did you know Mike Judge made another movie? FOX, in their infinite wisdom, has decided not to release it. It's called Idiocracy, and if we're lucky maybe they'll put it on DVD one day.
Conan O'Lantern.
At least you don't have to make eye contact.
This is the DJ that invented record scratching.
Is there a printer that prints pumpkins or something?
That's right, I'm full of myself and a shop lifter.
"My roommate and I were at a party and all these frat-tastic fucks were playing beer pong. Annoyed by polo shirts and popped collars, my roommate grabbed a cup. After pissing into the cup outside, he switched the water/rinse cup with the pee cup. Here is
You know it's hard, because you can see the ripples.
Is this yonic or phallic? I can't decide.
That's Scottie Pippin underneath that mess.
Read the star like it's a letter.

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