Isn't everyone being notified?
"My friend has a tattoo of a mustache on his finger.  He is also getting a tattoo of a hat on his hand to put on his head.  His parents frequently ask him to wash it off.  They are unaware it's a tattoo."
Now there's a guy who loves freedom.
Yeah, if you're a girl.
My favorite flavor of cake, how did you know?
What lady wouldn't want to hang out with you guys?
You know what? Let's get food at the next exit.
What happened to don't ask, don't tell?
It's about time these retail chains started including prices on their signs, so shoppers can compare. (update: apparently Chicken Poop is a lip balm, in addition to a byproduct of chickens eating a lot of food.)
"Damn it.  I already packed up my walls."

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