Fridgerator Magnets... go wild!
How badly would you want to buy a mattress?
Make my phone holy?
This is a statue of a virility god of ancient greece. Who'da guessed that? This is an actual quote from the website I got it from: "May your phallus be ever hard and enormous! Bless me with your virility. Let my orgasms multiply in honor of you!
That's what the freaky ones ask for...
Sunburn info. So true.
"We made a jello shooter penis for my birthday and filled the middle with whipped cream after it got "hard".  When we went to take it out of the fridge it had "blown it's load".  We literally did not mean for this to happen!&
Monkey boner alert! (weird)
"This is what college is all about, even on Monday night."

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