RULES FOR CUTTING YOUR OWN FIREWOOD: 1. Park twice as far from the tree as the tree is tall. 2. It helps to notch the tree away from the truck.3. The fact that you live within driving distance of a forest does not  make you a lumberjack.  4. Jus
"Intense VA Party...the police found this a week later."
"Have to Love South Beach FL."
The Last McSupper.
"The reflection on the ice luge makes it seem like it's from heaven. A girl putting her mouth on the heynannynownow of the ice luge- also straight from heaven."
This is the hugest snowman ever.
I mean, seriously. How hot is this, fellas?
Radio station new word contest.
"Back before WWII hemp was supported by the American government. This is a real pro-hemp army poster. Only problem was people just ate and chilled and totally forgot to go to war so they dropped the program."

Nothing found...

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