Sex from bee-hind!!!!
Office Humor! Water Coolers! LOL!
Vandalism that makes sense.
"This is what happened when our dorm had a "Deck the halls" Christmas decoration contest. (the black electrical tape "censored-boxes" were added to appease the girls who complained, but they still had to take it down)"
We get the oddest pictures...
"i was going to a frat party at virginia tech.. we had to wait around for a designated driver for the frat to pick us up about 100 ppl try to fit in the back of the truck at a time.. so we all bumrush it... i hit my head on the cap of the truck and b
Maccest Daddiest Pimpest Mac Daddy Pimp ever
24hr service? Al's gonna be a busy dude.
"What Hemorrhoids Look Like At A Young Age." Ewww...
She can come over to my house and... drink coffe. :(

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