"Fuck it...the bed's too high and I'm way too drunk."
Wait, this looks like a... right?
A supersized Dodge Neon.
"I'll pay extra if he shaves his mustache..."
"You've had duct tape pranks, you've had sharpie pranks, and you've had stacking shit on people pranks, but I haven't seen any that combine all three. We duct taped random objects and drew all over my roommate after he pissed in our kitchen for the second
"Everything is cheaper in North Carolina!!!!!!"
"A parking lot at Radford flooded one night. Police had the whole area blocked off. I climbed a fence, hid and sprinted in the shadows, and waited out the cops looking for me to take pics like this one."
"Dorm Room Safari...Best Shot EVER!"
The Ultimate Driving Machine?
"We put our RPI education to good use..."
Deer vs. Durango (not for faint of heart)
"This is how JMU girls hold it down on snow days."

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