"My Mountain Dew wall we made in college"
McDonalds menu from the Philippines... what is a McDo?
Yeah, I know it's sand. But it's still kinda cool.
Try playing beer pong with this distracting you.
Saw this on the spanish channel.  I can only guess...
I mean how much innuendo can you cram on a car door?
"Here at Macalester, we have a housing shortage..."
"Our friend passed out in his truck with his doors locked so we could not mess with him.  Luckily for us, his window was far enough down to fit a stick in so we could pick his nose for him."
The good part about spilling beer on clothes.
This guy Lavaliered and got shit piss and gallons of dip spit poored on him, he really loves his girlfriend. notice the guy peeing on the back of his head. (Warning: This is the grossest thing ever.)

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