Never be the first kid to pass out at Western Carolina University.  This was a prank I got from here and we decided to give it a try.  Oh and we also figured out that duct tape helps....
Black panther flyer?
Honda CRX Drag car hood... shocker.
"The best halloween costume ever! a Functional box of win. I had so many girls drink from me and then when they least expected it i pulled out my dong where the spout came out."
Proof that mother nature really is female!?!?
Is it really that much of a threat?
"I hate math. (Shot with 10 Gauge)"
"I superglued myself to myself."
"This Is What Happens When You Turn 21 in Knox County."
Why yes! Yes it is!
Dont cut your hair when you are drunk...
"We get alot of snow in Canada"
"This is the reason you don't fall asleep during lecture."

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