If you're reading this, there's a pretty good chance you're a member of the most exclusive, ultra-cool, super-swanky club in the world…Facebook.
Facebook's not for everyone – at least, it wasn't for everyone. When it started off as a nifty little thing for college students to feel special, it was a legitimately great creation…but since they opened it up to everyone, it's exploded into a world-wide thing – it's outta control. So now, I'm gonna do everyone a favor and break it down in a simple pro/con manner.
Pros of Facebook: 1 – everyone always kinda wanted to stalk, Facebook makes it easy. 2 – when your mom asks you how your friends are doing, you can give a legitimate answer despite having not talked to that person since high school. 3 – you can maintain relationships that you never thought you'd maintain. 4 – road trips get more fun because you can try to find a place to go/stay. 5 – great distraction on test days. 6 – great distraction when there's a paper due. 7 – if there's nothing to do, just Facebook, it's a time-killer.

Cons of Facebook: 1 – allows you the freedom to never, ever get anything done. 2 – people you don't like add you as friends, but you don't have the heart to say no. 3 – talk about impersonal. 4 – more addictive than crack. 5 – both high schoolers and your grandparents can now register a facebook account. 6 – getting invited to groups and events is pretty f'in annoying. 7 – Facebook's a popularity contest; it's like getting picked last in kickball all over again…minus the peeing your pants. 8 – horribly awkward situations when you interact with someone in real life that you barely know from Facebook – whether you friended them because they were attractive or whether you met them, friended them, and never talked to them again. 9 – you can't search for people whose names you don't know: for instance, I tried to find "hot girl from the rec center with 'Bobcats' written on her butt…pink shorts" and I found nothing. Talk about disappointing…social network my ass. 10 – and this is the biggest one: no nudity.

So when you break it down numerically, it becomse so simple…the Cons outweigh the Pros in a 10-7 slugfest. Sure, there are elements I probably missed, but then again…if I didn't say it, it's probably not true.

Kevin Nye…once again proving things through simple numerical logic.You're welcome.