"Dear Mr. Sawyer, You don't know who I am but I know who you are and I know what you done. You had sex with my mother and then you stole my dad's money all away. So he got angry and he killed my mother and then he killed himself, too. All I know is your name. But one of these days I'm going to find you and I'm going to give you this letter so you'll remember what you done to me. You killed my parents, Mr. Sawyer."

Given Sawyer’s age at the time of the letter, and his hick-background, and the sexy Sawyer hair that kept falling in his eyes – even as a child, I’m sure the spelling in the letter was nowhere near as perfect as it is above, but you get the idea.

We’ve gotten to a point in the series where questions are still being asked (of course), but the writers are attempting to tie up old plot points, which is good, if they plan on ending this show before Evangeline Lilly is in a walker. Because, let’s face it, there is still a lot of shit to tie up.

Here’s what went down this week, in a dingy old envelope kept in Sawyer’s back pocket:

Kate and Sawyer are post coital. Sawyer goes to piss and comes upon Locke, who takes him back to “kill Ben,” but he really brings him to kill his (Locke’s) dad. Sawyer discovers that this is the “Sawyer” he’s been looking for, and he kills him. The Girl From The Sky provides more information, and eventually Jack and Juliet are told that she’s here.

Here’s what we learn:

1. Juliet is twelve years old. When Kate tells Jack in front of Juliet about The Girl From the Sky, Juliet comes right back with that bratty “Well, I’ve got a secret, TOO!” attitude. Is she twelve? I wanted to smack her. What do we think she wants to tell Kate? I’m guessing Kate is PREGGERS, after all of the mega Sawyer sperm her vagina has been drinking.

2. We learn that, a few days ago, Ben tries to get Locke to kill his own father. It was a very “Abraham and Isaac” bible moment, which was referenced heavily in that recent Desmond episode.

3. I need to get Tivo. At the risk of sounding like a total dud, I really don’t watch much tv (except this show!), and I don’t have cable. Or Tivo. So, I actually tape the show, old-school VCR style. And, last night, my VCR broke. I think it’s fucking time that I caved in, people.

4. Locke’s dad was brought to the island by the Others. The box is a metaphor.

5. According to GFTS, she was sent there by Penny to get Desmond. Now, THAT’s love. And there is a base of operations not far from the island. Also, there were BODIES found of the people from 815, who “all died.” The island as hell? C’mon, writers…go talk to the kids who are just discovering Season 1. We’re not falling for that at this point.