Paris Hilton just got sentenced to 45 days in jail. Here's a little taste of whather diaryis going to look like:

Day 1: "Daddy should really look into buying this place out. With some improvements, it could be pretty decent. I mean, when I checked in, they laughed at me when I requested a suite. With service like that, I don't think I'll come back here. Do they even know who I am!? And where is the guy who took all my bags? It's about time that I changed clothes…"

Day 9: "Today I cut the sleeves off of my jumpsuit, 'cause it is totally hotter that way. When the guards saw it, though, they were totally jealous, I could tell. So they took me in a back room and were yelling about God knows what. I asked if they were about done, then something hit me in the back of the head, and, well, I don't remember much else."

Day 21: "…I was just trying to take a shower, and…Bertha…oh, God…her hands were everywhere…it was NOT hot at all…I don't want to talk about it…"

Day 29: "Today I joined the White Power Sisterhood. I am so excited! It should be just like a sorority! I did have to get a swastika tattoo on my neck, but I got it in pink, so it totes goes with my jumpsuit. I think 'white power' could be my new catch phrase on the 'Simple Life' when I get out of here. White power!"

Day 36: "I sharpened a spoon into a shiv to shank Bertha. Nobody does that to a member of the White Power Sisterhood! So it looks like I'll be in here for the next 5 to 10, diary. That's hot."