With last week’s episode of "The Sopranos" showing Phil’s rise to power, followed by him dismissing Tony’s request to help with the Spatafore family, I think it’s safe to say most viewers were looking for a little more heat (if not an all out war) between the New Jersey and New York families. After all, we’re rapidly approaching the end of the series. Loyal viewers are waiting for things to explode. It’s about time things picked up a little bit, isn’t it?

Apparently not. Last night’s episode choose to completely ignore the oncoming (or at least hopefully oncoming, who knows what this show is capable of at this point) war and instead focus on Christopher (not too terrible of an idea) and A.J. (a terrible idea) and how they choose to cope with the deterioration of their key relationships.

We open with A.J. on the couch, where he would remain for the majority of the episode. Anthony Jr., of course, finds himself suffering from a broken heart as his fianc