For this issue of the CH Interview, contributor Chris Richman sits down with user F*ck you to see the popular commenter's views on life, love, and religion.

Chris Richman:
A lot of other commenters give you grief about your repetitious comments which involve your penchant for consuming waste materials. Do these negative replies ever get to you?
F*ck You: I eat poop.

You’ve nearly compiled 100 comments since the feature has been added to CH. Do you like the changes the site has adopted?
FU: I eat poop.

CR: Do you have a favorite writer on the site? Do you prefer a specific type of humor?
F*ck You: I eat poop.

You look like you’re in decent shape. Do you work out?
FU: I had eaten poop.

CR: Do you have anyone special in your life right now?
FU: I slurp sperm.

CR: Do you think true love can exist?
FU: I puke pus.

For all the women out there who’ve been dying to know: Paper or plastic?
FU: I lick turds.

Why does God let bad things happen to good people?
FU: I gargle diarrhea.

Who shot JFK?
FU: I floss with pubic hair.

CR: If a train leaving Los Vegas carrying only Presbyterians travels at 145 MPH and another one leaves Houston at 160 MPH full of horny housewives, and there is no movie shown during the trip, will the train crash make a sound and will anyone be there to hear it?
FU: I mop menstrual fluids.

CR: It's been great sitting down with you, Mr. Fuck. You're surely a master of alliteration. If CH had a thousand users like you, we'd all be able to retire as rich, monocle-wearing men and women.