Overall I thought the episode was one of the lesser ones (though ti could be because I am watching it, and writing this super late. I am really excited for the rest of the season that’s for sure.

A classic device in all action movies/shows is to see the ‘bad guy’ with his/her mom/dad. Last night’s episode had a great Sylar/Mama Sylar scene. Nothing creepier than seeing an over protective mother touching her child inappropriately on the face and force-feeding him a tuna sandwich. We see her obsessively collect snow globes, worship the ground that her son works on but in the same breath be back-handed with some verbal abuse. Though the Heroes version of this classic scene takes an interesting turn when we see the usually depressed killer mourning over the accidental death of a loved one, instead we see Sylar painting a mural with her blood. If there was a word that combined bad ass and nasty I would use it here…how about bad-nassty. I like that.

I also enjoyed the interaction between Micah and the shape-shifter chick. I thought for sure we were going see the classic, smart kid running amok in a hotel as bad guys chase him. Thank god we didn’t instead it is finally revealed that the woman changes perception and not just shape-shifts. That was pretty scary. If I was Micah, I would have ran to the nearest condom machine and used my gear-head knowledge to get one out, the second a woman in a towel says to me ‘I can make you see things that would screw you up for life’ I would be 100 percent on board. Ha, I am kidding. Who uses condoms? It is like swimming with sneakers on, it just doesn’t feel right.

What did Nikki/Jessica complain about when DL took her through the wall. How did she get that far over to the hotel, but then decide to complain? Weird, don’t ever do that to me again.

Does Molly’s power seem a bit to similar to Cerebro (the computer from X-men)?

Since I didn’t love this episode, I am going to write a bunch of things that I want to see in the next two episodes.

-How does Peter get the scar? Does his razor sharp Spider-Man 3 bangs cut his face wide open.

-I would like to see Cheerleader blow Peter (‘s brains out, with a gun).

-More towels on the shape-shifter jumping in and out of other hot chicks in towels bodies.

-More of Fall-Out Boy using radioactivity to start cars, however that works.

-Eric Roberts reprising his role as Alex Grady in Best of the Best (one of the best team-based Karate movies of 1989 featuring Chris Penn)

-Fire vs. Ice showdown!