You waited for the last stack of pancakes because the first batch was too doughy. You waited until your favorite shirt went on sale while some douchebag paid $200 for it when it first came out. You waited until college to have sex while all of your slutty friends got crabs in high school. You waited. And, then, you fucking won. Why? Because GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.

We were patient through months of being pushed and pulled around, and today, we finally got some answers. A lot. Who’s the winner now, slutty douchebags with good shirts eating doughy pancakes? WE ARE.

Here’s what went down this week, in a Dharma mass grave:

Eye Patch tells Ben and the “Others camp” about the Girl From the Sky. Locke beats the shit out of Eye Patch and demands that Ben take him to see the illusive Jacob. Ben takes him to a creaky old hut where we “meet” Jacob, an INVISIBLE MAN. Ben tells Locke about his past and then SHOOTS him!!!! Back on the beach, everyone’s now on the same page. They all know about the Girl From the Sky, and Jack and Juliet are on board to help protect the camp when the Others come to take the pregnant women. A flashback of Ben’s life tells us a lot about who he is.

Here’s what we learn:
1. Just when we were loving to hate Ben, we now feel a little sympathy for him. His dad was a drunk who blamed him for killing his mom at childbirth. We also learn that Ben and his dad moved to the island when Ben was young, so he lied about being born there. Ben’s dad, Roger, was the dead Work Man from the hippie van.
2. Ben killed his dad. That’s pretty heavy shit.
3. This is huge. We learned that our “Others” are definitely NOT the Dharma initiative. They are the “hostiles.” Everyone from the Dharma initiative (except Ben) was killed by the “hostiles” who were on the island first. This brings up two points. First, since there are still supplies being sent to the island, there must be some Dharma Initiative people somewhere who still believe that the mission is proceeding as planned for the past few decades? Also, what is the mission of these hostiles now? What’s with the fertility stuff? One more thing…does anyone think that there are original Dharma people left anywhere? I mean, the guy that Desmond took over for in the hatch must have been from the original Dharma Initiative, no?
4. The island “magical powers” thing has been around for awhile. Ben saw his dead mom when he was young.
5. I’m still confused as to why the people from Flight 815 who were taken by the Others are living with them so seamlessly. Huh?
6. Jacob as an invisible man? Don’t believe it. I think it was all smoke and mirrors, like a haunted house at Disneyland. That’s why there was no light….so we couldn’t see the switches and wires. What do you guys think?
7. Nestor Carbonell ages really well.