A fan sent me this picture the other day and I thought we could have some fun with it. Let's try "Possible thought processes of each frat guy in their respective poses…"

From back left to right, then guy in front

  1. This is exactly what I imagined college to be like…all dudes, half naked in a dimly lit basement.
  2. How far down does this thong have to be so people can tell I Nair the pubies?
  3. Been working out at the gym 24/7. Went misting the other day too. Can you tell? Plus, I just ordered a shield and spear on Ebay. Oh man, I'm such a Spartan.
  4. Hahah, I'm not even looking at the camera!!! This is CRAZY! I'll take off my clothes dude, but the skull cap and cowrie shell necklace stay…it's the source of my power!
  5. Nows as good time as any to flex. Facebook this. IMMEDIATELY!
  6. I was the kid in middle school who didn't take his shirt off at pool parties.
Let's see what you guys can come up with in the comments!