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Hot dogs. That's all I'm going to say. J/K, I have a lot more to say. But I want to start off saying that Hot Dogs are so God damn f*cking indie right now that it almost makes them mainstream. Which brings me to my next point. Mainstream is the new indie. Think about it, Hot Dog (That's what I call people now) it's pretty corporate to be indie- just because everyone is doing it. So, if you really want to be indie, you have to start shopping at Hollister, eating at Red Lobster and seeing movies at Showcase Cinemas.

Anyway, back to hot dogs. I carry one around in the hoodie pocket on my Hollister sweatshirt- totally cooked, ready to be eaten whenever I have a few seconds free.

I got a new job. I had to quit my job at the record store because we weren't doing any business. Maybe because we only sold records that no one had heard of. In fact, we were so nervous about being mainstream that if someone ever came in and asked if we had a record we would say no. And if we did have it, we'd lie to their face and then destroy it after they left. When I quit all we had left were a few BBmak albums. They have pretty smooth vocals and nice chord progressions for such a sell-out nauseating butt fingering group of on their knees semen begging nano turds. Until you're back here baby, yeaahh.

Oh, my new job. It's in this building. Like this really tall building. Which sounds corporate, I know. But it's not because Fridays are casual. My boss told me to start using mousse, so every night I stick my dick in a bottle and never tell it that I love her. It's pretty indie to take things so literally.

I have a new girlfriend. She doesn't get me, but I don't blame her because I started talking in really quiet whispers when I realized how big of a sell out casual conversation is. Whatever, she's beautiful.

I'm going for now, got a hot dog to eat.

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