With the school year underway, many students have been hit by the realization that college courses are really boring. Fortunately, learning doesn't have to be a chore. Just like Driver's Ed and your Bar Mitzvah, any lecture can be made a lot more exciting by turning it into a drinking game. The rules are as follows (to be played with beer unless otherwise specified):

Rule Number 1: Someone walks in, looks around with a dazed expression and asks, "Is this Astro 10?" – 1 shot.

Rule Number 2: Professor uses unfamiliar vocabulary – .25 shot

[picture:56175|size=small]Rule Number 3: Someone appears to be taking very thorough notes on their computer while actually looking at MySpace, IM'ing, or playing Bejeweled – .5 shot. If they are looking at porn – 2 shots.

Rule Number 4: Professor asks a question; is asked to repeat the question – .5 shot per repetition.

Rule Number 5: Someone raises hand, rephrases what the professor JUST said in the form of a question, then seems smugly self-satisfied when the professor confirms it – 1 shot. If it's you – 2 shots; punch yourself in the testicles.

Rule Number 6: You make the conscious decision to stop taking notes, figuring you'll borrow them from some smart looking (read: Asian) kid later – All subsequent shots are to be bourbon; 1 shot.

Rule Number 7: Someone's phone rings and they frantically try to shut it off – .5 shot for every time they say they are sorry while not actually turning it off.

Rule Number 8: Professor assigns reading and class melodramatically groans even though it was already on the syllabus – 1 shot, unless player shouts, "Is that all you got, pussy??"