Sometimes you have to take one for the team.

I’m not one to approach tv stars. I don’t watch much tv, so I usually don’t even know who these “celebrities” are. And, even if I knew, I’m usually not impressed enough to embarrass myself with 30 seconds of awkward, one-sided conversation.

But, then an irresistible show like Lost comes along. And then, you somehow find yourself in the same room as Josh Holloway. Whaaaaaa?

I knew I had to do it, guys. I knew I had to go up to him and say hi. And, I knew I’d be cool and not call him Sawyer. No, I’d call him by his REAL name: James.

I almost didn’t do it. But, then I thought of you guys: the faithful “Morning After – Lost” readers. I thought of Chiara from USC, and the Patricks (from MIT and from Purchase.) Hell, I even thought of the dude who keeps vying for the Ja Rule cameo. So, I downed my vodka tonic, and walked right up to him. I have no idea what was said, but I found this photo in my camera the next morning.

God bless us all.

Now, back to the important stuff. Here’s what went down this week, in a small pile of dynamite:

Alex gets Carl to warn our islanders that Ben and the gang are coming to the beach right away to take the pregnant women. Our beach dwellers rig up dynamite next to the marked tents so they can blow the Others the fuck up. The whole camp – minus a few shooters who will trigger the bombs – heads to the radio tower for safety, where they will stop Danielle’s old signal and try to transmit a distress call via Girl From The Sky’s satellite phone. But first, the underwater Looking Glass station must be accessed to stop jamming the radio signals. Charlie – knowing that he will die – swims to the station where he meets 2 chicks with guns.

Here’s what we learn:
1. Desmond has been hitting the gym. I noticed that he has been looking better and better, but I didn’t say anything. Then, the heterosexual male I was watching tonight’s episode with said, out of the blue, “Desmond looks hotttttttt!” (And, yes, he said it with that many t’s.)
2. Sayid’s lady is alive, and evidently living in England. Charlie once rescued her from a mugging.
3. Dominic Monaghan can’t let go of Lord of The Rings. Charlie’s brother Liam gave him a family heirloom, which Charlie leaves for Aaron when he goes on his mission to die.
4. Rose and Bernard are back! And, Jack is fucking badass again!
5. Charlie’s got a pretty firm belief in Desmond’s psychic abilities. He really could have tried verbal negotiation before knocking him out in the boat when Desmond offered to take Charlie’s place. But, Charlie really believes that he will hit the yellow button, die, and then everyone will be rescued.
6. Danielle is ready to kick some serious ass.
7. Little Alex is getting hotter. I’m going out on a limb here and saying she has even surpassed Kate.
8. This show is getting so exciting. I am so psyched for the 2 hour season finale!!!! Remember that it starts an hour early next week. Do NOT fuck this up, people!!!!!