Right now, our friends Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, and Aziz Ansari are hosting a 24 hour TV marathon on MTV1 and MTV2 to raise awareness for their show "The Human Giant." They are trying to get one million hits to their website by noon Saturday.

We are going to be interacting with them throughout the day, starting at 2pm eastern. Every hour you guys will submit phrases that you want them to say, on air, live, and they will have one hour to say it. Will they be able to? Tune in and see.

Submit your suggestion by leaving a comment in this thread, then we will choose a winner, and have the guys try to work it into their conversation as naturally as possible.

The phrase for 2pm – 3pm is Paul Newman's Thousand Island Dressing.

Watch for it, and submit your own by leaving a comment below.

And check out some Human Giant clips on CH to get yourself inspired.