There comes a time in everyones life mostly the weekends, whereyou as a person have to ask ur self. AmI blasted right now? Ifyou are well good foryou. Life could only get better ifyou have 3 naked gurls onyour bed.If not then the mission begins to have a nightyou would love to remeber but can't becauseyour so blasted. Now as the reader I bet ur wondering what blasted means. Well if you got out a bottle of grey goose (and im talking the big bottles, the one so big and amazing you call your best friends two weeks in advance and tell them to cancel any plans for the night.)Now if you did the math in your head that bottle would equal drunken night of fun an games.But to be blasted you would need 5 of said bottle.Yes i know ur head just exploded from even thinking of seeing thats much magic juice in one place. and the thought of drinking thats much is enough to -"drive a sane man bizzerk"-Kanye West- and that would pretty much sum up getting blasted.Some men just ain't up the task of climbing the highest mountains but the task of entering a world full of so much drunkin illision should always be a goal to set if you havn't been there all ready.-Peace