The wait is ogre.
If Fat People Got To Name The Months Of The Year
Kinda Cold
A little Sweaty
Wet, sweaty
Really sweaty, hot dogs
Wipe face on sleeve
Less sweaty, still a little though
Comfortable, candy
Turkey, good TV
More turkey
I've been thinking a lot about what my dream job would be. And it's kinda weird. It's like I would be working in a hospital right? But it wasn't really a hospital, it was like the apartment I grew up in. And my mom and my dad are there, but everything is all, I dunno how to describe it, it like, feels like koosh balls but without the rubber bandy things. It's like, weird logic but it made sense in my dream job. So I'm in there and I'm working and I'm getting paid or whatever, but nobody is even speaking my language, it's just insane. Either that or an NBA point guard.
"Sorry I'm late. I was in therapy."
"Phew…I wish I could afford to be that unhappy."
"I was in chemo therapy. I'm dying of bone cancer."
Morgan Spurlock's Rejected Pitches Since "Supersize Me"
- "Lupus Me"
- "Punch Me Really Hard In the Face ASAP"
- "Remember Supersize Me?"
Guitar Hero on Mute
Click Click Click Click ClickClickClick Click Click Click Click….. Click Click
Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click ClickClickClick Click Click
Click Click
Three Things I Didn't Think About When I Used to Watch Full House, but Can't Stop Thinking About Now
- Rebecca Donaldson is a solid 8.
- Joey isn't related by blood or marriage to anyone in the house. That's creepy.
- Somewhere there's a casting agent who can predict if babies will grow up to be hot.
Quirky Baseball Trivia!
If Milwaukee's Prince Fielder were to field a ball and throw to a base other than first to record an out, it would be consider a "Prince Fielder's Choice!"
And, if pitcher Ben Sheets killed a prostitute in bed and had to hide the evidence, he'd have to burn Ben Sheets' Sheets!
You know what's worse than the freshman 15? The freshman 9 pounds, 12 ounces.
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