After interviews of ACoCHers Cody Arant and Katie Marino, we decided to turn the tables and ask CollegeHumor's own Junior Writer Jake Hurwitz a few questions.

What’s the best part about working for CH?
It's awesome to work in such a cool office, my favorite part of it is definitely the people. You don’t see it from looking on the front page, but there are around 45 CV employees and we all have a lot of fun together.

How many members of the staff have you seen naked?
Two and a half.

Where is the CH headquarters exactly?
It's in Union Square on the island of Manhattan in the city of New York in the state of New York in the country of the United States of America on the planet Earth.

How many hours a day do you guys spend actually working, and how many posing for Tough Guy Modeling Agency?
Hahaha you caught us. Umm, I guess there's nine hours in our work day. An hour for lunch, an hour or two for general slacking and goofing around, so maybe six? It varies, some days we all work really hard on different projects, some days we can't think of anything and we shoot vimeos all day. It depends.

How do you guys go about approving an article or picture (read: Who's a girl gotta blow to make national around here)?
The process for both articles and pictures is pretty much the same. The guy you know as Streeter Seidell reads the articles and checks out the pictures. The pictures get approved and then captioned by Jeff Rubin. If an article is funny, either Streeter or I will edit it and get it ready for the front page. So I guess you'd have to blow Streeter to get on the front page, but it would definitely help your cause if you're funny.

What are your feelings on the prank war?
It's hilarious. And painful. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do as Amir's friend was not tell him the truth about the human giant thing. Our desks are right across from each other and I was there when he bought his tickets. It's a great thing to be a part of from the outside—I'm glad I'm not in it.

Do you often consider kicking people off CH for their horrible and negative comments? And if so, why don't you?

Not often, but sometimes it does arise that there’s a huge dick that consistently trashes everything on the site. You guys remember Graham? He was on the road to being banned from CH, but he went on a hiatus all on his own. We've deleted a few accounts of really creepy old guys trying to meet college chicks. One option that I really think is funny is called "hell banning." It's when we delete an account, but the person can still comment, like, and read comments—only no one can see their likes, comments, profile, all that. It's like they're Patrick Swayze in ghost.

Do you guys get really pissed when you put an article on the national page and then everyone bashes it?
Sometimes when we really like a video or an article, and it eats it on the front page it's not fun. But we do a lot of writing here, so if you miss with one article it just means you're do with your next one. It sucks more when someone does a really good job with an idea that you wish you had. Amir does that to me a lot.

Speaking of sucking, was there any drama or any otherwise uncomfortable situations with Lena and the sex articles?
Well, she wasn't in the office so it didn't make for any awkward moments. We tried it out because we thought she was a good writer, she just had the wrong voice for our crowd I guess. In the end we all agreed that it wasn’t working and we handed the sex column over to Mindy who is doing a great job.

Who writes the Satan Blog? My guess is Dan. At least for the first one. It carried an eerily similar tone to his "Train of Thought on a Long Car Ride" article.
Can't say… but really, really, really good guess.

What about the God Blog?
God collaborates with two members of the edit team—that's all I can say. I’ve already said too much.

Who is your favorite TMNT?

Who is your favorite Renaissance artist?

If you could be any kind of animal what kind would you be?

What are your favorite condoms?
Don't use em.
Ten bucks says Marah gets preggers within the next year!
Yeah that'd suck. Don't follow my example, kids.
Where were you and your advice five years ago?

Also, if you weren't banging some other chick right now, would you date Alice
I thought she liked Dan?
Alice: Well, Dan has the best writing by far, but you're definitely the eye candy of the office.
Soon-To-Be-Intern Katie Marino: Well, he is for the next two weeks, anyway.

Umm… thanks?

One last question: Is this going to make National?
I can't promise anything, but I'll blow Streeter anyway.