Recently, it has been determined, through the Allen University Statistics Department, that Arnold Schwartzenegger impressions are at an all time high. What is most alarming about this discovery is that while Arnold impressions are up, the success rate is unusually low. I recently had a chance to speak with Dr. Dean Coyle, from the Allen University Statistics Dept. about this matter.

"We have found that Arnold impressions are up about 70 percent from five years ago, while the going success rate is about 15.5%." I asked myself, "how could this be?" I asked Dr. Coyle for a little more insight on this matter. He said, "Top contributing factors to this issue are alcohol, desire to be liked, and a false sense of what is funny."

After talking with Dr. Coyle,i began to grow more and more concerned with this growing epidemic. I wrote him an email asking how not only myself, but others can help this issue. He wrote back saying, "We have found, in our testing groups, that if you usually ignore the person who is doing the impression, they are more likely to stop. When any sort of feedback, negative or positive, was given, they were more likely to follow up with another impression. We find that if their words fall on deaf ears, Arnold Impressions have a good chance of going down."