Face it, there's only so many times you can look at the same pictures of your ex-girlfriend on Facebook. After that, you might read a few notes, post on someone's wall, check out those ex-girlfriend pics one more time and finally go to bed lonely and depressed. Well NOT ANYMORE!

CollegeHumor scientists have developed some great Facebook Applications that you can drop into your profile to let everyone know that you really are a Comedy God. Check em out.

Here's a rundown:

Insult Generator
Sometimes your friends need to be taken down a notch or two when you're not around. With this little beauty, it'll happen every time they look at your profile. Never miss another opportunity to call someone a ball pounding slut-taco again.

Stuff I like
Sure, other CollegeHumor users can see your likes, but other Facebook users can't, unless you install this. Bonus: If an embarrassing picture of one of your friends ends up on CollegeHumor, it can also end up in your profile.

School Stuff
Is your school ranked #37 in bong pictures? That's reason to brag. This app will display your school's ranking in a variety of categories, as well as content from your classmates.

Popular Stuff
Let other people find our funniest content for you. This app puts our most popular pictures, videos and articles in your profile.

Newest Stuff
This app puts you on the cutting edge of comedy by displaying the newest stuff from CollegeHumor in your profile.