Greetings future business leaders of America! What would you say if I told you that I knew a way you could double your income, increase your benefits and add precious dollars to your retirement fund? Now what if I told you that you could do all of it without leaving your current job? I bet you'd think I'm crazy right? Well I am crazy, crazy about dating!

Dating is a wonderful networking opportunity available to all business people. It's fun, it's easy and everyones doing it. If you stick with it long enough to get married, it can lead to all of the perks listed above.

This week's column is about letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are important in all aspects of business, but especially in relationships. It's called a relationship for a reason. Being in a relationship is kind of like being on a boat. You wouldn't take someone for a pleasure cruise on your yacht without knowing a little something about them first, right? Of course not! A solid letter of recommendation will let potential partners know that you're a safe partner with which to sail the seas of love. Here's a sample of a good letter of recommendation that I have received in the past:

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