INT: Cave

Caveman 1: Hey check this thing out, it's shaped like a circle and it moves around easier than big rocks.
Caveman 2: What are you gonna use it for?
Caveman 1: I don't know, but I'm gonna call it a wheel, just remember I invented the wheel.
Caveman 2: It's really not that great, what are you gonna do with it?
Caveman 1: I don't know dude, wheel it around I guess, shut up! You're always nay-saying! You did this when I invented the plate too!
Caveman 2: Well the wheel is the same thing as a plate, the only difference is it has a hole in the middle.
Caveman 1: Yeah, you're right, it's really not that great is it?
Caveman 2 : No, not really
Caveman 1: Wanna go kill a Woolly Mammoth?
Caveman 2: F*ck. Yes.