"Come on down!"

Fuck! what happened to the other "come on down" guy. Google! I need Google! Fuck! he died, man and along time ago.

Don't be a bitch and bid $851 to Granny's $850. She's 90 for Christ's sake! She needs that no-named bootlegged fold-in-half canoe. Where the hell is my second Arby's roast beef! I did the 5 for $5.95. Let's see, got 4 sandwiches and one cheesestick. Already ate three sandwiches and the cheese, that leaves one sandwich for breakfast. If my roommate ate it, I swear to Godthis is the last time he sees Bob Barker.

Could I really kill someoneover Arby's? Hmm, prolly not, but I could maim a little. Oh, here it is in fridge. You got lucky, this time punk.

OH! Congrats asshole, you beat out Granny with your bid. Hahah! I'm sure that new crystal stem wear set will look great in your rat infested bachelor pad…Fag. You look way too excited for the chance at crystal.

Electric citrus press! It's $150 you moron, not $200!

You should be happy; you are leaving with a pig shaped humidifier, electriccitrus press, and some mother fucking stemwear. You are without doubt the gayest player ever.

Wait, no this guy is, but haha, he's the last to be called down before the showcase showdown. Sucks for him.

What! Granny actually bid closest! and I got my sandwich? Today is gonna be my day.

Wait, someone help Granny spin the wheel, she'll break her back.

Exactly, not only did she fall and break her hip, but the wheel didn't even go all the way around…pussy. I better go drink some milk, don't want to endup like her ass.

Fuck! I'm so hungover, Barker's spray-on orange tan is killing my eyes. He needs tospay orneuter whoever isstyling him.

"Showcase Showdown!" Douche 1 vs Douche 2.

Don't pass, that's a great showcase, you're gonna be sorry.

Nice pass, that's what I would have done, now you can win both a car, boat, and trip to Timbuktu. Well played sir.

No! NO! $32,000 is too much, you'll go over!

I have to get some work done…but I've come this far, gotta see who wins.

"And the actual retail price of your showcase is…$32,250. A difference of only $250! You win!"

Wow, such great bidding skills. Of course, I was gonna bid $32,150, so I would have done even better.

Ok, time for work.Two episodes of Family Feud back-to-back? I'll start as soon as this is over. That Mr. Peterman host cracks me up.