In an abandoned warehouse in , The Riddler finishes writing a note and laughs.

Riddler: Wow, I really have really out done myself on this one. Batman will never figure out this riddle in time to stop me from robbing Gotham Second National Bank! But I’ll send the note with the clues to give him a sporting chance.

Batman walks through the front door of the warehouse

Batman: Hello, anybody…oh there you are. OK, Riddler, I’ve caught you. You’re coming with me.

Riddler: Batman! This can’t be! I haven’t even sent you the riddle yet, and even that was only supposed to take you to Gotham Second National Bank! How did you find me?

Batman: Well, there’s only like 5 abandoned warehouses in Gotham, so whenever one of you wierdos escapes from Arkum Asylum I usually just check those places first. And sure enough, here you are.

Riddler: Well, do you want to try to figure out the riddle now anyway? You know, just for kicks? I’ll bet you can’t figure it out

Batman: Well, to be honest I don’t really see the point. I mean, I already have you right here.

Riddler: Yeah…

Batman: Plus you already told me that the answer was going to be the Gotham Second National Bank.

Riddler: Oh yeah…Damn

Batman: So are you ready to go peacefully?

Riddler: I guess. I haven’t even had time to assemble my henchmen yet. I might as well.

Batman: Sounds good.

Riddler: Wait…I could change the riddle now. Ya know, like, make it about somewhere else and we could do that instead?

Batman: Yeah, actually that sounds like fun. OK, I'll go back to the Bat Cave and…

Batman grabs The Riddler by the back of the neck.

Batman: Syke!