Simply Irrestible

So I woke up this morning still drunk from the night before, smoked a cigarette, finished my now luke warm beverage(which was more water than alcohol since the ice melted) and couldn't find the remote. Actually, I didn't even look but I wish I had because I was stuck watching this terrible movie for 2 hours. And one would think that all movies are better when you're intoxicated but all I can say is that no one likes a liar. So here is my analysis:

1) Sarah Michelle Gellar is super hot but should not be acting other than in Buffy.(because all guys want a hot chick that kills vampires)

2) Sean Patrick Flannery is super hot but only with an Irish accent in Boondock Saints but should not be acting.(Because he has a tiny cock and sucks at life)

3) I love my life.

Good day barkeep