Facebook Apps sure are something. They allow you to add customizable little widgets to your profile page. Some are useful and cool! (Like CollegeHumor's!) but some are pretty tame and useless. Here is a list of the most useless facebook apps:

Terror Alert Level: Your friends will thank you once they realized our country is now at an Orange level and faces serious security risks. Stay away from bridges.

This date in weather history: Two weeks ago today it was partly cloudy and 72 degrees. Whoulda thunk!

Tip calculator: Quickly and easily calculate gratuities anywhere you bring your desktop. 10% never seemed so easy!

How Your Friends Feel About Spinach: Spinach is one of those foods where people hate it when they're young, but when they get older, they kind of like it. Sometimes they even love it. This will keep tabs on that.

Moose: This is just a picture of a moose that stays permanently on your profile.

How much do you look like William H. Macy: Answer this facial questionnaire and our compass will tell you exactly how much you look like Pleasantville's own William H. Macy.

Random Number Generator: Come see numbers you’ve never even heard of before because they’re so random. When was the last time you even thought of 817. Honestly, probably never.

Popcorn Recipe App: Put it in the microwave then just click on the popcorn setting button if your microwave has it. If not, usually three, three and a half minutes or something. Add salt after if you want.

Charity Work: Put this app on your profile then go do a good deed. The app acts as a reminder to do the good deed. Make sure the deed is good, otherwise the app is unecessary.

A ruler: Measure the distance between two pixels on a nearby window.

Swat the Mosqiuto, Win an iPod App: Self explanatory.