(taken from my article from collegeslackers.com)

Have you ever found yourself alone on a Thursday night with a bottle of brand-x vodka, checking everyone’s away messages? No? Me either.
But just in case, here’s a fabulous way to make it fun for you.
And a friend if you have any in real life.

Take a sippy sip/shot when…
-You see the word "work" or "class" in someone’s away message
-Someone proclaims their hatred for their major in an away message
-Someone has a quote from a movie so popular its unpopular now, in their away message (Napoleon, Anchorman, maybe even Borat)
-Someone is away/idle for more than 20 hours
-cell phone number in an away message or profile
-Someone has a link to their myspace/facebook in their profile
-Someone has an obscure emo lyric in their away message or profile
-You see a clich