I love Coldplay. I know I said that in the title, but the truth bears repeating. I love Coldplay. I want to have Chris Martin's babies. I want to fellate Jon Buckland. I want to marry each and every one of those musical geniuses. There is no band better than Coldplay. Nobody has ever made better music. Ever. Hendrix? Please. Mozart? Go fuck yourself. Coldplay's the best. Why do I think so, you ask? You're in luck. I thought about this for months and made an organized list detailing the answer to just this question.

  • I love how they're so original. Every song means something different and every one has a distinct sound! Don't Panic sounds so different from Warning Sign, which has completely the opposite message of The Scientist! I love Coldplay.
  • Their lyrics are amazing. I have never heard such poetic language, words so beautifully interwoven. I have an orgasm every time I hear them. Some examples of lyrics that give me a hard-on when Chris sings them:
  • "I came alongI wrote a song for youAnd all the things you doAnd it was called yellow"

    "And we live in a beautiful worldYeah we do, yeah we doWe live in a beautiful world"

    And my personal favorite:

    "It's trueLook how they shine for youLook how they shine for youLook how they shine forLook how they shine for youLook how they shine for youLook how they shine

    Look at the starsLook how they shine for you"

    Jesus Christ their lyrics are amazing! When God created music he was thinking about Coldplay. They're worth all the praise they get and more.