Currently touring 60 colleges in an RV, the American Beerpong Association of America – Christian Kunkel, Kyle Lininger and Tom Piontkowski – have a simple goal: play as much beerpong as possible. Their website, is further proof that these dudes are serious about beerpong: they have official rules posted, a schedule of upcoming tour stops and even a table building tutorial. They ever got an article in Sports Illustrated on Campus. What follows is an interview with three guys who did exactly what most of us have dreamed of doing someday…buying an RV and playing beerpong all day.
1. At what point did you decide to get an RV and tour the country hosting Beer Pong tournaments?

About two years ago, we had just gone 16-0 one night and Kyle turned to Christian and said "Dude" we should do this as a living and play the sport all across the country." Christian turned back and said, "You may be half joking, but I'm serious and I am holding you to it." The rest, as they say, is history.

2. Which school has the most solid players?

The best beerpong players don't go to school, they live in an RV and play beerpong for a living.

3. What's the craziest thing you've seen used as a distraction?

Our dreams are still plagued to this day by some of the grundles we have been forced to see.

4. Clarify the following optional rules according to your rules, which are based on a 250 University survey:

  • Bouncing counts as 2 cups - Yes, but it can be defended
  • Air balls cost you a cup – No
  • Ties end in a 3 cup shoot out – Yes, but it is properly referred to as overtime
  • Bitches blow – Yes, and guys do not finger
  • 2 balls in the same cup end the game – As long as it isn't the last cup, no, it is a penalty cup for a total of three cups removed.
  • 5. What's the best table you've seen so far?

    We once saw two hobos playing on two upside down trash cans with Steel Reserve. The heart they put into that table and game was truly the stuff of legend.

    6. What do your parents think of your post-collegiate careers?

    Our parents are the only people that play more beerpong than us. Our mothers form the dream team. They are the only ones that have beaten us in the last two months. Believe it or not we were each conceived on beerpong tables.

    7. In your experience, is there a specific beer you prefer to use when playing?

    Nothing beats a warm Busch on a hot day.

    8. What school are you most excited to hit?

    Wisconsin. We hear the competition is uncanny, and we dabble in fine cheeses.

    9. Tell us some of the perks of running a cross-country beer pong tour.

    Groupies, sponge baths, long walks on the beach, and unlimited mustache rides.

    10. What is the end goal of the ABAA tour? Will there be another?

    The goal is simply to bring beerpong to the most people possible. The ABAA is committed to reaching this goal, no matter what the cost to our livers. We would also like everyone to appreciate and recognize the ABAA rules, which are the first to be developed through research and represent the truest form of the game. Remember, America is for Beerpong and Beerpong is for America. That is why we emphasize America for emphasis.

    Make sure to visit to see if the tour is coming to your school. According to the boys, it's the "center of the beerpong universe."