College: Saturday 8:00 pm

Frat Guy 1 "Dude, do you realize how close we are?" throws beer can into massive pile
Frat Guy 2
"When that god damn FUCKING pile touches the ceiling, we will be royalty!!" *slams beer and throws at pile
Frat Guy 3
*Out of breath from chugging
"It's going to be the FUCKING AGRO CRAG OF NATTY!!" *burps
Frat Guy 1 "We.DRINK!.So.FUCKING!.Much."
Frat Guy 2 "Dude (*burps while still talking) we have to be the drunkest frat ever"

*group high five

Real Life: Saturday 8:00 pm

Dad *finishes beer and throws can into a moldy pile in the corner
"I hate you dad."
Dad "Psh (*burps ) I hate your mother for not keeping my mini fridge full of brew."
Son "I'm going to take this pile of cans to the recycling center."
Dad *mid chug stands up sloppily and outraged wearing wife beater
Dad "DON'T TOUCH THAT FUCKING PILE!! I'm saving the tabs and getting a keg of Natty. Then I'm having a FUCKING pong tourny!!"
Son "Give it a rest your 56 years old, your old."
Dad "That'll be the FUCKING day!" *squeezes into old frat t-shirt and turns on a girls gone wild