There is an incredible new source for women who fear reality: It's called The website features profiles of men who have cheated, lied, or just not bought enough shit for a previous girlfriend. Once an "alleged cheater" moves out his community in ignominy, since they aren't forced to wear a red "A" on their chests, this site helps weed out bad guys for women who depend on the internet for dating advice.

Profiles usually say how the men cheated, how many children they secretly have, their spouse's name, etc. Some are hilarious. Check those out before reading on.

I tried to sign in, but the names: IEATMEN and IHateEverything were taken, so I chose the name LoudAngryFace. Here is a recent post.

First Name: Odysseus

Last Name: Son of Laertes

Nicknames: Master Mariner and Soldier, God-like, The Great Tactician

Profile: This man is the master of tricks and stratagems. He slept with my friend P, got her preggers, hopped on a boat and didn