Seriously, why the hell is this guy hot? Someone needs to stand up toMims and tell him to stop whining like a little girl, and I think that guy should be me.

MIMS – …You aint cuzyou not. This is why, this is why, this is why I'm h-

ME (cutting Mims off)- We know it's hot. We're all hot, so just shut up andfriggin deal with it.

(All action at the BBQ stop, and Everyone's attention turns to the face off between me and Mims and his crew.)

LIL JON – What!!!?

ME – This is between me and Mims

MIMS – Naw shawty, dis b'tween me, you, and my crew.

SOME GANSTA IN MIMS CREW (SGIMC)- Damn! Already droppin dem rhymes! Dis is why you hot!

ME – See! That's exactly what I'm talking about. Why the hell are you so hot?

MIMS – Aight…. Aight… Aight…. – -PAUSE- – I'm hot cause you fly, you aint cuz you not. Dis is why dis is why dis is why I'-

ME (cutting Mims off again) – Ok! Ok! Stop! Stop! Stop! There you go again. Why do you people talk like "dat". You don't make any sense! Speak English.

MIMS – Hell no, White Boy! You don't know who you talkin' to. – -PAUSE- – this is why Im hot,I dont gotta rapI can sell a mill sayin nothin on a trackI represent New York,I got it on my back niggas say that we lost it so imma bring it back I love da dir-

Me (cutting him off again) – Shut up! No one can understand you! (All of the white people at the BBQ nod) Why are you hot!? How did you even get on the radio!? You suck!


SGIMC (whispering to Mims and Lil Jon) – Mims, he does have a valid point. You are not veryproficientwhen it comes to writing, nor do you have a vast vocabulary, and once again you express minimal clarityand justification as to yourself proclamed state of heat. (Mims nods)

LIL JON (whispering to Mims and SGIMS) – Although I clearly appreciate the origin of this man's concerns, I have come to the dire realization that a complete and factual response to his question could destroy our lives as we know them. His spirited persuit would serveto unveil ourcertain unattractive, unmarketable truths.I believe that at this point, it ismost prudentto eliminate this man whothreatens our way of life.

MIMS (whispering to Lil Jon and SGIMS) – I must concur. Wewill departimmediately to theCadillac, where we shall make the necessary arrangements regarding the execution of the execution. Yes, I intended pun.

ME – What are you whispering about!!!? Do you really not know why you're hot!!!? It's not a hard question!!!

MIMS – Naw dawg, we just ain't da same level, aight! We gonna go bounce outa dis place!

LIL JON – Yeah!!!

(Mims and his crew leave, to return at a later time)