Has HBO been reading my column? Last week I asked for an episode where Vince, Eric and Turtle live in Drama's condo. This week we got it. Since they probably finished filming this season a long time ago, I'm going to say no. But if they hadn't, I'd still say no. Unfortunately, the gang didn't spend too much time at home, so it was kind of moot. I was hoping we'd get to see more of Drama being super-protective of his stuff, but all we saw was a brief glimpse into his refrigerator.

This week's Entourage was a nice little break from the last couple tension-filled episodes. Sure, there was a little drama, but there was also a lot of Drama. The episode spent more time on Drama and Turtle's sexual misadventures than the continuing pitfalls of Medellin.

I think someone needs to sit down and have a talk with Johnny Drama. He's more successful now then when the series started, but his standards have gone way down. Remember when Drama and Turtle were handing out Aquaman premiere invites? Drama was pretty damn picky about the girls he invited. A Drama 10 was like a Turtle 20. Now Drama desperately wants some wrinkly old mom that Turtle barely wanted to touch. All I'm saying is that he can do a lot better. He can definitely do better than the scary-looking whale of a woman that gave him a rim job.

For the past couple weeks I've been commenting on Vince's dry spell. Although there wasn't any official confirmation, I'm going to say it's over. Vince was hanging out with a pretty good-looking broad, and I think had sex. They almost didn't. Vince was so excited about hanging out with Dennis Hopper that he almost forgot about her. You know what they say, Dennis Hopper before hoes. Vince got so wrapped up in making soccer bets with Hopper and his boys that he almost blew his chance with the hottie, and ended up in gambling debt. Like Vince's motto, it worked itself out.

Medellin Status Update
Eric thinks the movie could be great with some minor edits, but Billy Walsh refused to hear any of his suggestions. Walsh submitted Medellin to Cannes without telling anyone. Eric went on a quest to sell the movie behind Vince's back to take final cut away from Walsh and safeguard their interests. If Medellin got rejected from Cannes, they'd never find a distributor. How was Eric going to do this without a copy of the movie? With a really kickass trailer, of course. In the end he got a $25 million offer, and the movie got accepted into Cannes. They decided not to sell it. Eric is going to get yelled at so hard in the next episode, it said so in the preview.

Creepiest Dialogue Of The Episode Award
Drama: I thought you said he looks like one of your son's friends.
Milf: One of my son's friends I'd like to f*ck.

I guess that makes Turtle a sfilf? That's hard to pronounce, I doubt it'll catch on.

Be sure to tune in next week, it seems like it's going to be an awesome and eventful episode.