[picture:1711504|size=large]Hi baby boys and girls! This site is College Humor, but you know what colleges are well under represented? Why, MY type of college of course! He he. Oh" you're a stranger, you don't what type of college I go to. All right" well, I go to Magician's School! So now it's time for a little magician umor (oops" made the "H" disappear! Ha ha" funny, eh?)

First a little about my story" my name is Sol Lowenfield (you can call me Silly Sol). I am 34 years of age and have been attending one sort of Magician school or another for quite some time" so long, in fact, that I sleep in my CAPE!! I started performing magic when I was seven years of age. They used to say I was seven, GOING ON SEVENTY!!! Yowza! Here are a few press clippings from when I was a tender little prodigy:

"That kid will go places!"""Robert Pully, Hewlitt Observer. "I enjoyed when he made my card disappear"""Rose Cohen, from a note written on a napkin she gave to my mom.

Etc. You get the picture! And I MAKE THE PICTURE DISAPPEAR!! Uh oh! I was told the readers here enjoy stories about dorm room fiascos, and boy do I have some stories! Though I've never lived in a dorm, a few times I attended sleepaway magic seminars (mostly in Arizona""it was so hot my MAGIC WAND MELTED!!!) And boy did we do some crazy stuff at those sleepaway seminars. Man. What did we do" what did we do" oh yeah! Here's a good one about this one night. Well, lights out was at 9 PM, but around 10 or 10:15 I started getting a craving for a peanut butter sandwich (as I am known to do, hence my Nana's nickname for me, P, B, J and Sol!) So I snuck out of my room and ducked into my friend Louie Cantone's room and GUESS WHAAAT?! He was having a late night wrestling match with fellow magic student Lilly Donalds! Those two are a pair of mixed nuts, I say! They were in the buff, so I guess they were Greco Roman wrestling. Guys, the Olympics is a COUPLE YEARS AWAY!! Sillies! There was also the time we all started a Midnight Magic Jam. We all got together in one room and played loud music and did magic!! It was sooo much fun! They had me positioned outside the room, doing card tricks by myself. I made three aces levitate. I would've done all four, but I fell asleep" it was so late even MR. SANDMAN WAS SNORING!! When I woke up the next morning, someone seemed to have left a bunch of balloons filled with glue, lubricant (to make the balloons tie easier?) and tissues all over my chest. Stupids! If you're going to make papier mache, you've got to put the glue on the OUTSIDE! Duyy! He he. Most of the time, I didn't really "par-tay" though. I did magic alone in my room.