[picture:1709010|size=small]1. Ohio State (63) – Think they can beat the Raiders? Me too.

2. Florida – Turns out this school is good at every sport, but I bet their average SAT score leaves much to be desired!

3. USC – Two uninspiring victories should equal one loss. However, it doesn't and USC is still undefeated.

4. Michigan – Some say Michigan should be #2. Well lets see them beat the likes of Washington State and Kentucky!

5. West Virginia (2) – West Virginia, with an impressive conference record of 0-0 still have two believers out there. Wherever they are… (Charleston)

6. Texas – When your Quarterbacks name is Colt McCoy, you've got a shot to win any football game/duel with pistons at high noon. 7. Louisville – Sadly enough, Louisville at Rutgers on November 9 could be the game of the week. 8. Tennessee – Tennessee is by far the second greatest orange colored team in the country. 9. Notre Dame – Notre Dame is starting to play like a team whos coach looks exactly like Rodney Dangerfield. By that I mean, Charlie Weiss looks exactly like Rodney Dangerfield. 10.California – Cal has scored at least 40 points in its last five games and at least 45 in its last one. 11.AuburnBCS scoff's back "See? I told you you guys didn't deserve to be in the title game two years ago." 12.Clemson – 6'5" 265 pound Defensive End Gaines Adams tackling 5'10" 170 pound kicker Jon Temple and forcing a fumble was the funniest play of the year, and the scariest moment in Temple's life. 13.Georgia Tech – Running Back Tashard Choice inspires thousands of hilarious abortion themed posters in stadiums nation wide. 14.LSU – All I'm saying is, would LSU have lost twice this year if they put Baby Shaq at tight end? The answer may shock you. 15. Iowa – Turns out Iowa's not so bad when they're not playing Ohio State. But hey, somebody's gotta play in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia bowl! 16. Georgia – After giving up 34 points all season, the Bulldogs give up 51 to the Volunteers, which, according to Georgia coach coach Mark Richt, isn't a good thing. 17. Arkansas – Shouldn't the Razorbacks be second in the nation? Wouldn't it be awesome if thats how the polls worked? 18. Oregon – After a devastating loss to Cal, Oregon wonders what new patterns they can add to their jerseys to compensate. Can I suggest flames around the numbers? 19. Missouri – The Tigers have more wins this season than any other team, according to Casual Glance monthly. 20. Boise State – Bronco's fans come to the stark realization that no matter how good their team gets, they still have to live in Boise, Idaho. 21. Nebraska – The good news is, that despite their mediocrity, the state of Nebraska is more than just Cornhuskers Football. The bad news is, that's not true. 22. Virginia Tech – How technical is this school, really? I mean, sure Mike Vick is an electrical engineer in the offseason, but, do all players have to learn a trade? 23. Oklahoma – I don't understand. They beat Middle Tennessee by 59 and lose to Texas! Why wouldn't they just play crappy schools all the time!? 24. Rutgers – What are they still doing in the top 25? 25. Wisconsin – 250 pound freshman Running Back PJ Hill is drawling comparisons to previous Badger powerhouse Ron Dayne. My advice to PJ Hill: Never leave college.