It's amazing the things that a tenured Professor will say just to prove a point. This game will be like two truths and a lie. I'm sure you've played that during college orientation at some point. Two of the comments were actually made by two of my professors this semester while a third is completely fabricated by me.

See if you can guess which 2 are true!


1) Professor: Angela (my TA) and I are having an affair. Now, she has two kids. And I told her that if she wanted to be with me she has to push the two young children into a river while they are strapped into a moving vehicle. Can she plead insanity?

2) Me: But, professor. Doesn't the fact that man is capable of such an act, although despicable, prove that it can't be described as inhuman?

Professor: Well, let's say I have a knife in my back pocket and I came over to your seat and stabbed you in the throat. And let's suggest that one of your classmates, instead of intervening to help you, decided to videotape the entire thing. Now, as a human I am capable of such an act, but wouldn't you be kind of bummed spending your last few breaths being videotaped by this putz?

3) Professor: Well, student. That's a rather astute observation, and although I respectfully disagree I can see where you derived your logic from. I wish that we could all think so critically in this classroom.

ANSWER: Number Three is made up.

My teachers are perverts and killers. $47,000 well spent!