Making a global Facebook group is what kids today do instead of joining hippy cults like their parents. But with 9 million members and no restrictions to join, Facebook has really opened the floodgates for crappy groups. That's why, in an effort to encourage good groups of sustainable interest, I am offering a free BustedTee to the first person to get 1000 members to join any of the groups listed below. The groups don't exist yet – I checked – so you'll have to create them all by yourself. Also, make sure you make them global to increase you chances of hitting the 1,000 member mark.

  • "I was the one who farted in Bio lab"
  • "Snakes on a Chuck Norris Fact"
  • "Smoking Cigarettes saves lives"
  • "Don't re-elect Bush in '08"
  • "Remember that kid Steve from 7th grade?"
  • "Push ups, push ups and more push ups!"
  • "I have herpes and I don't care who knows it"
  • "The largest global facebook group started on October 9th"
  • "College is OK I guess"
  • "This is a scam to collect email addresses"
  • "Seriously, FUCK swiss cheese! This is AMERICA!"
  • Rules: In order to win you must register the group, get 1,000 people to join and email me a link at streeter.seidell at Gmail dot com. The first person to complete this task wins. If the above groups are already taken, email me and I'll assign you a new one that isn't registered yet. Good luck!

    By the way, here's some good background music to listen to while you're working on your group Muppet/Kanye Remix