Fact – "The Biggest Facebook group in the universe" has 43 members.

Fact – Despite what you may or may not have heard, this is a Mark Zuckerberg production.

Fact – Jeanne Holzman and Brad "A-Train" Hattford have ended their relationship. (11:49 PM)

Fact – I have 1 friend request awaiting confirmation.

Fact – Deep down inside I wish that number was higher :(

Fact – 56 people feel strong enough about their love of pooping that they've publicy joined a group dedicated to that very activity.

Fact – I won't be taking "the next step" and joining the 'Dell Fall Survival Guide' group, even if it does promise to keep me ahead of the curve.

Fact – My old roommate's middle name is not "Wild Thang." Don't buy into the hype.

Fact – You and I have four mutual friends, none of whom either of us personally know.

Fact – Rest assured, Mark Zuckerberg will find something to put down here, even if it's a passing observation about quails.

Fact – Facebook used to be so much cooler when only three people at Harvard had it.

Fact – Mark Zuckerberg doesn't care if you don't like his news feed; he sleeps with nude women on a pile of money and feasts on the flesh of endangered animals every night.