Making headlines this week is a new Seattle project that professional
journalists on CNN are calling "Bunks for Drunks."

Someone crunching numbers for the government of Seattle, Washington
decided that it would actually be cheaper to build an apartment
complex that would house tens of the community's homeless than to pay
for their constant removal off of the street.

Apparently it costs about $50,000 a year per homeless person to cycle
in and out of jail and the hospital. For only $13,000 they can get a
roof over their heads and the freedom to drink until their hearts are

The building at 1811 Eastlake in Seattle which houses 75 homeless
drunks has a TV room and a full kitchen. Some of the residents get
jobs but most just pass their days lounging around at home.

Hmmm…a bunch of drunks pissing their days away in a residence they
don't pay for, with unlimited food, TV, and a limited work ethic. Why
does this sound so familiar?

Have you ever heard that quote: "Enjoy it while it lasts because after
college, it's called alcoholism."

I think they should change it to: "Enjoy it while it lasts because
after college, you may have to move to Seattle."