We've made a huge mistake. The summer interns we hired suck so much. Sure they do all their work and help us out with tons of things around the office and on the site. But at the end of the summer they're all leaving! What the hell? What part of summer internship don't they understand? Honestly, it's so weak.

So we're giving you guys another shot. Do you think you're better than our current interns? Can you make Sarah's coffee just the right temperature? Can you rub the inside of Amir's inner thigh with just the right mix of vigor and tenderness?

I will say this. Whoever comes here next has some big shoes to fill. One of our interns has enormous feet and we only have one pair of shoes that the interns have to share. Anyway, what are you doing in the fall? Want to come work here? We can't promise you any money but we can offer free lunch from anywhere plus school credit. Just send your resume!

Here's the boring part


  • Must be able to work 2-3 full days a week
  • Must live in or be able to commute to New York City
  • Familiar with the Internet and Internet culture
  • Over 4' 8" tall
  • Sophomore or Junior in college
  • Familiar with Word, Excel, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Familiar with video editing software such as Final Cut
  • Over 5' 1" tall

We're hiring interns for three areas of expertise: writing, video and illustration. Make sure to note which of these you'd like to apply for and attached samples if you have them.

Send all resumes to YesIWillWorkForFree@Gmail.com

After all, wouldn't you like to get un-paid to do this?