Since last week's challenge went so well, I've decided to have another one. The rules are the same: create one of the groups below, get 1,000 people to join and email me at streeter.seidell @ when you're done. The first person to successfully complete this task gets A Free BustedTee. And remember, if you make your group global you'll have a much better chance of hitting the 1,000 member mark. Last week's winner, Bri, did it in about 20 hours, how long will it take you?

The Groups

  • "Dunkaroos = Terrible. Shark Bites = Awesome!"
  • "The Young Whigs"
  • "I don't look at toilet paper after I wipe, I always assume I'm good"
  • "Men Who Like Women Who Play Softball"
  • "Drew Carey is the funniest guy alive!"
  • "Gorman Hall 4th Floor Mystery Turd Alliance"
  • "Speaking German is sexy"
  • "My RA f'ing rules"
  • "ThE aNnOyInG wAy To TyPe SoCiEtY"
  • "There's no way Doogie Howser could've ever happened in real life."
  • "It's not that I hate minorities, I just don't trust them"
  • "For real dude, I'm gonna miss you over Thanksgiving break"
  • "I was scarred for life by a slap bracelet in 1993"
  • "Seriously, how much would it suck to really be named Brody Ruckus"
  • "I thought "serial killer" was spelled like "cereal" until college"
  • "I show off my poop to my friends"
  • "Alanis fan 4 life"
  • "I'll admit it, I never watch Saved by the Bell"
  • "Proud Laundry Room Thief Since Freshman Year"
  • "Campus Police are only doing their job. Quit hassling them!"
  • "I use the Internet to explore my deep and abiding passion for all things Thai"
  • Rules: In order to win you must register the group, get 1,000 people to join and email me a link at streeter.seidell at Gmail dot com. The first person to complete this task wins. If the above groups are already taken, email me and I'll assign you a new one that isn't registered yet. Good luck!

    Also, while you're at it, join the official CollegeHumor Facebook group.