Greek life is an important facet of college life on most campuses around the nation. Many of the leaders of America will decide to go Greek during their college career. Celebrities are no exception. Influential people such as Zach Braff, Frank Gifford, and Cheech (from Cheech and Chong) were all in fraternities during college.

And as cool as I'm sure all the above powerhouses made their Greek chapterhouse, it got me thinking about the greatest possible Greek house on campus that ever was. And after a minute or two I realized, that the best Greeks ever were probably the actual Greeks.

Socrates: He was definitely the stoner of the group always stopping on long chariot rides for some munchies. His incessant banter about the meaning of life was probably endearing at first, but later on just got on the rest of the guys' nerves. Also, he had this really annoying habit of answering every single question with another question.

Eratosthenes: This dude was a math genius. He could calculate how long your rode trip would be to the second. He was probably the most studious of the group but also a little dorky. Seth Cohen dorky though, not Screech dorky.

Homer: You know he was the guy always planning crazy adventures. This dude had a wild imagination. He would always claim to see monsters with three heads and hear sirens of hot chicks. Of course, he had a softer side too and always brought along a little notebook to write his girly poetry in. Socrates always gave him shit for that I bet.

Alexander the Great: His pledge name was actually Alexander the douchebag. He was always into these insane conquests where they would steal stuff from other frat houses, like limited edition Zeus comic books. A womanizer and overall ruthless SOB, everybody knew he was destined to become really successful.

So, we can't ever know for sure. But I have a feeling that was truly the best frat ever. Or at least the one with the best GPA.