In less than 50 days, a new season of college football will begin and what better way to pass the time than to pick the preseason top ten teams! Here it goes.

I actually tried to put USC number 2 but then the AP sent me an e-mail threatening my life if I didn’t put the Trojans as the top team going into the 2007 season. Anyways, USC will be good, again. I mean, according to some circles, they’re going for their 10 straight national title.
This is going to be a great season for the Tigers but we got a new QB and he can’t throw a 125 yard pass like Russell could but new LSU QB Matt Flynn’s last start was against Thug U (Miami) and the Bayou Bengals won a close one, 40-3 . The Tigers should be playing in a bowl game close to home this season because the national title game is in the Big Easy and the their defense will be nasty this year. If not, the Sugar Bowl sounds good too.
Hey remember last year when everybody called the Michigan-OSU game the national title game. I do. Remember when nobody gave Florida a snowflakes chance in hell in the NC game. I do. Remember the end result of that game. 41-14 Gators.Anyway, offensively, Florida will be fine. They have Tim Tebow leading the way. Defense is the big question.
4.West Virginia
Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Noel Devine Name three reasons why WVU will be fun to watch. Add that to the fact the my old high school is on their schedule and the Mountaineers should tear it up but lose a game late and dash their national title hopes
Michigan would have had a case for a share of the national title if A) They beat USC B) OSU beat Florida…Neither happened to the dismay of the sportswriters across the world. Oh well. This year Michigan will be really good on offence but they have to replace a pretty solid defense from last year.
Brian Brohm is back. But their coach, who vowed he would never leave Louisville, left for the ATL. What a bastard, right? Hey, I know the feeling Louisville! But, this will be a shaky year but, the Cardinals are in a good conference to make mistakes in because the Big East, though they went 5-0 in the bowls, might have some trouble being as predominate as last year.
DYK: Wisconsin tied for the 2nd best record in NCAA football last year yet no one even mentioned them. I felt bad for Wisconsin last year. They got snubbed and they actually won their bowl game, over struggling Arkansas. (The secret was to make them pass.) The got no love. But, they should get plenty of love this year for making a legit run for the Big Ten Plus One title. PJ Hill will help out with that one.
It’s going to be a make or break year for Colt McCoy. Seriously, who names a kid Colt, after a hand gun? Good thing he’s a QB because that’s all his crazy name would allow. But, Texas will either go undefeated or win 8 games. Either way, Mack Brown will be on the hot seat.
9.Virginia Tech
VT had a crazy good defense last year and of that defense from 2006, 8 starters return. That means they’ll probably have a crazy good defense this year too. These guys could play in the national championship this year if their offence is worth a shit.
These guys bounced back from a winless season (true story, just announced) in 2005 to and 11-3. OU is a pretty established team this year but they have plenty of new guys who can tear it up. That’s why they make the top ten. Not to mention an easy schedule that will have them 5-0 going into the Texas game.
Final Note:
It’s not that I hate the Big Ten, I just think they are overrated consistently. There are only 2-3 teams worth a damn on any given year in that conference while the rest just plain suck. That inflates stats and makes team look better on paper than they actually are. Last Michigan had a highly touted defense but what happened in OSU game, they give up 502 yards in a 42-39 game. OSU look unstoppable against any defense but only had 82 yards against Florida.