Last week I asked you to send me the stupidest questions you've heard in class. This week I'm happy to say I've got five here that are truly and utterly idiotic.

5. Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OHSubmitted by Allison A.

In a class about the HolocaustProfessor: "Christians were also targeted…"Creepy girl in the same clothes every day: "By Christians do you mean everyone, or just Christians?"

4. Saint Leo University, FloridaSubmitted by Jakob V.

After professor had finished explaining China's involvement in the Vietnam War.Idiot: "So did China help Vietnam because they were still madabout Pearl Harbor?" Professor: [stares]

3. Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PASubmitted by Aaron D.

Professor is handing out blue books for an exam.Stupid Girl: "Can we write in this?"

2. Cuyahoga Community College, Parma, OHSubmitted by Ben R.

Professor is explaining how to make an outline using Microsoft Word.Girl in the back: "But my keyboard doesn't have roman numerals on it!"

Winner – Drexel University, Philadelphia, PASubmitted by Josh K.

During Multivariate CalculusStudent: "What are those two lines there for?"Professor: "What? What do you mean?"Student: "Those two horizontal lines there – what do they mean?"Professor: "That's an equals sign."

Congrats on winning yourself a Big Shocker, Josh. And for any of you interested in winning one of your own, send me the stupidest question you've heard in class to CHStupidQuestions and remember to include your school or I won't be able to use it.